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Build Smart. Build Strong.

With BluWood.

You have gone to great lengths to get every detail right in your new home.
You chose the right architect, the right builder, the right finishes and colors. But have you chosen the right structural wood components? Are they protected from the threat of fungus, rot and termites? If not, they should be, because these very real threats, if ignored, can put your entire investment at risk.

Enter BluWood, the Color of Protection

The solution is BluWood, lumber treated with a unique, two-product technology called Perfect Barrier System. BluWood components are protected against the devastating consequences to wood of fungal and termite infestation. Before you build, make sure to ask your builder to use BluWood for all framing lumber, trusses and sheathing components.

You know the enemy. Now you know how to protect against it. Given the choice wouldn't you choose to be protected?

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Recent News

Sundays 8/7c on ABC

Watch BluWood make a sensational international debut on the Oct. 1 episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as it frames a new home for Maryann Gilliam in Michigan. Maryann’s husband tragically passed away last year leaving her to raise six children. Her family’s doctor theorizes mold and toxins found in the home may been responsible for his death.

Tune in to see how this revolutionary – and eye-catching – blue-colored lumber provides this deserving family the peace of mind and security of knowing that their home’s wood components are protected long after the construction is complete. BluWood: The color of protection.

Did you know?

"Mold requires three things to grow: organic matter (such as wood), mold spores and water. Mold is everywhere, it always has been . . . . In a new building, mold will start to show up within months."

Dr. Mani Skaria, Ph.D
Texas A&M University Kingsville Citrus Center